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You know a place is worth visiting when a pizza connoisseur tells demands you check it out. Especially if that said pizza connoisseur is from New York. I was quite surprised to receive a Facebook message from my cousin, Tracy, asking all about a small pizzeria in San Antonio called Dough. Food talk excites me in general, but having family in New York assert their approval for a restaurant located in my city is about exciting as it can get in my world. Plus, Tracy knows good food. When everyone raved about Magnolia Bakery, she was raving over Crumb. Genius! Now I don’t want to get political here but having tasted both products, I simply don’t understand the mass following Magnolia receives. Propaganda I tell you. What were we talking about again? Oh yeah, pizza.

DSCN0847Of course I was quite baffled as to how Tracy knew Dough existed in the first place. Evidently the pizza is so delicious that the Food Network featured it on one of its shows. It could’ve been Diners, Drive-ins & Dives, but you see Dough is neither diner, drive-in, nor dive. Dough is anything but your typical neighborhood pizza joint. It’s not even of this country. Dough is serving up authentic Italian style pizza. In fact it’s brick oven was imported all the way from Naples. Side note: they even bottle & filter their own water. The restaurant is small (too small for it’s following so beware of crowds) & elegant. The bar area encompasses the “pizza artists” so you literally can watch someone turn out your dough as you sip on your wine. It’s like a Japanese Steakhouse only less smoky & you won’t have to run to the bathroom 30 minutes after your meal digests (the glorious side-effects attributed with MSG).

We waited about 35 minutes to be seated at Dough. Under normal circumstances I’d be pretty surprised for it only being a Wednesday.  But seeing the crowd, I figured it was an experience worth it’s wait. We used the time to view the menu & strategize our best plan of action.

DSCN0862Once seated, we began with the appetizer sampler. If you go to Dough you must order a burrata. A burrata is a piece of their homemade mozzarella stuffed with fresh ricotta & whatever other filling you select off the menu. We went with the appetizer sampler because it came with two burratas, both of which were flavors we couldn’t choose between. The sampler was served with flatbread & included bocconcini, truffle & mascarpone burrata, & burrata with prosciutto. Everything was as good as the next. The flatbread was an appetizer in itself. I couldn’t stop popping the warm pieces of perfectly seasoned bread into my mouth one by one. They were even more fantastic with a big chunk of mozzarella smothered on the top. My only advice would be to skip on the fancy flavors & go with the simplest form of burrata on the menu. The flavors don’t come through that much & the beauty of the fresh mozzarella & cool ricotta filling is really what you’re after anyway.

DSCN0863Being that we were feeding a group of 5, we ordered 3 pizzas: The Margherita, The Pork Love, & the daily special.

DSCN0864The Pork Love included a San Marzano tomato sauce, fresh house pulled mozzarella, salami, sausage, pancetta & speck.

DSCN0866The Margherita was made with a San Marzano tomato sauce, fresh house pulled mozzarella, Parmigiano Reggiano & fresh basil.

DSCN0867The specialty pizza had olives, onions & prosciutto.

pNow depending on whom you asked that night, you would get a different favorite pizza & reason to justify that choice. The reality was that each & every pizza we tasted was amazing. It simply is a preference best left to your taste bud’s discretion. I personally favored the simplicity of the Margherita with the Pork Love being my least favorite. As you can see by the picture, we didn’t leave much behind.

DSCN0883I wasn’t feeling up for dessert that evening but the group ordered two. The tiramisu, pictured above, & the special dessert of the day, pictured below. The special dessert was some sort of a sweet Nutella panini. I’d give you my honest opinion regarding the desserts, but it just wouldn’t be right considering I was nursing my second glass of wine as dessert instead. From what I heard, everyone seemed to enjoy them with the tiramisu as the group favorite.

DSCN0884Bottom Line: Dough is not, & I repeat NOT, your typical pizza place. If you’re looking for saucy, cheesy pizza this is not your cup of tea. The perfectly crisp,  charred crust & fresh simple ingredients are the real stars here. Expect to wait for your table & expect to drop some “dough” at dough. Economical? No. Delicious? Yes.


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  1. Great review Kaylee. Thanks for the shout out!

  2. Looks like a great place!

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