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14.5/20 = 73

 It’s hard to put my love for seafood into words. I simply can’t get enough of it. Remember that scene in Splash with the lobster? Yeah, that’s me. I’ll crack my way through a pile of steaming hot crab legs in record time. Slurping up raw oysters and fishing out mussels bring me pure joy.

Daryl Hannah in Splash

Unfortunately, my seafood fantasies don’t get indulged often. Living in San Antonio, it’s hard to get good seafood. I’m either stuck with a rubbery version of my beloved sea creatures or a fried coating overwhelms the entire flavor.  As a result, I usually save my seafood encounters for vacation (family visits to Florida & New York involve copious amounts of seafood).

 I’m surprised it took me so long to eat at Wildfish. I mean it IS a seafood place. Plus, its happy hour is rumored to be pretty darn good. Maybe I assumed it would be another overpriced disappointment. Maybe I wanted to preserve the idea that a decent seafood place actually exists in San Antonio. Whatever the case, I just never got around to going. Coincidently, my boyfriend hadn’t been either. We decided to finally give it a try for my birthday this year.

Cute Booth in Bar Area

 Considering the buzz, we made it a point to go during happy hour (4pm-7pm). Our plan was to sample a variety of things as opposed to making a one-entrée commitment. Add a couple drinks to the equation & it seemed like the perfect dining strategy.

 Our selection of appetizers included: the raw oysters (at a buck a piece on happy hour, we ordered 6), the crab cake, the pot stickers & the pacific ahi tuna served with soba noodles. The appetizers on happy hour were discounted fairly & in my opinion, worth the visit. For example, on happy hour the crab cake is $10 & regularly it’s $17. In addition, the drink selection was nice & they had many options for $5.

Seafood + Presecco = ♥

Oysters came with a trio of sauces including: a tasty vinaigrette, cocktail sauce, & horseradish.

Definitely big enough to split between two people.

According to Wildfish the crab cake is 80% crab. It was certainly chock full of meat but because of this, it didn’t hold together very well. I enjoyed it & it had a nice crisp crust. However, I would have preferred the filling to be less creamy.

The pork & shrimp pot stickers were yummy! If you’re a pot sticker fan, I’d definitely order them.

The pacific ahi tuna was my least favorite. It had giant chunks of ginger floating around in there. I don’t particularly care for ginger.

Unfortunately, the happy hour comes with a price. The place was packed with people. Couples, overdressed ladies, & groups of work friends flooded the bar.  We managed to get a small booth in the bar area, but the crowd made it loud throughout the entire restaurant. If you plan to do some serious conversation this is probably not the place to go. I also thought the place was too dark. I guess some would consider that swanky but to me it was a little creepy strange. The noise combined with the lighting made the atmosphere unpleasant.

 After our appetizer spread we ordered a couple things from the regular menu. We chose the jumbo lump crap with avocado & a small side of truffled mac n cheese (yum!). For the sake of it being my birthday, we finished the evening with a few bites of dessert. Our server suggested the pineapple upside down cake so we went with that. It was a spectacle in itself as rum is poured over the cake & lit on fire tableside.

Jumbo lump crab with avocado. I liked it. However, I wish I would’ve ordered the sauce on the side.

♥ Truffled Mac-n-Cheese ♥

What can I say? It was creamy, cheesy, & delicious.

Pineapple Upside Down Cake

They should really change the name of this dessert. I’m still not sure where the pineapple is. Regardless of its name I thought it was super buttery, moist & oh so rich. It’s served with a scoop of butter pecan ice cream on the side. The cold/hot contrast is nice. WARNING: This dessert is very heavy & sweet. Proceed with caution.

Bottom Line: Go for happy hour but expect noise. The prices are great & the food is pretty good. The seafood quality is decent & the mac n cheese is incredible. If you ever find yourself with a face blemish, this is the place to go. No one will see it in the dark. ;)


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  1. Andrew Rodriguez says:

    Great review! Next time try the lobster bisque, I do not know if they serve it year round, but when it does make the menu it is pretty darn good.

  2. They had the lobster bisque, I did think about ordering it. Only reason I didn’t is because I wanted the mac-n-cheese more. I didn’t want two creamy heavy things. If ever make it back there, I’ll have to try it.

  3. The Losbster Bisque they sell @ Costco is REALLY good! And I do mean REALLY good!

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